Special Offers

Special Offers

10% Discount plus FREE Carbon Monoxide Alarm for all New Gas Boilers!

So we know what it’s like.  You press the button on the boiler and nothing happens.  You try to reset and it still stays stubbornly quiet.  You had an inkling for some time, that all was not well, but you ignored the problem, hoping it would go away.  And now with dark and cold winter evenings, you know you have to do something about it.

Request a quote using this special offer and enjoy a 10% discount on your gas boiler replacement cost this winter.  For that extra peace of mind, we will also supply and fit a new carbon monoxide alarm.

  • Get a competitive quote and enjoy 10% discount plus a free CO alarm.  What have you got to lose?
  • Enjoy peace of mind by working with a fully insured, fully registered contractor.  RGII | SEAI | APHCI
  • Get the best job done by central heating services staff with over 20 years experience in domestic installations.

(Dublin, Meath and Louth areas only)

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